Active Curve Illumination

Switching headlights on and off or selecting between high-beams and low-beams could soon be a thing of the past. Mercedes-Benz is spearheading a project called "Active Curve Illumination", a system that uses the very powerful Bi-Xenon headlights to their full advantage.


I always found it annoying to have to switch the high-beams off when oncoming traffic is approaching on the highway late at night. As bad as that is, It's far worse for the driver when bright headlights are shone into their eyes. I mean we're talking temporary blindness here. And to be out on the highway late at night traveling in speeds in excess of 60mph is not the best time to have a moment of vision loss.

What engineers at Mercedes-Benz have brainstormed was an idea to create intelligent headlights. Essentially what these headlights do is monitor the oncoming traffic and adjust the high-beams appropriately. Dimming the left-headlight but leaving the right high-beams on when traffic approaches allows both drivers the advantage of maintaining visibility.

For someone who used to do a lot of night-time highway driving I can see the immense advantage of having the Active Curve Illumination Headlamps. Trying to not be distracted by others high-beams and maintaining visibility at night is a tough challenge. Already integrated as a standard on the S-Class Mercedes-Benz models, the intelligent headlamps are quickly becoming an industry standard. As of present, you may have to pay extra for special safety trimmed cars, though not a bad investment when considering the advantages.

Image: Mercedes-Benz


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