Accident Proof Cars By 2020

Volvo has always striven to design the world’s safest vehicle. Now it seems that they have raised the bar yet again by challenging their engineers to create a car that will be accident proof by 2020.


Safety designer for Volvo Thomas Broberg, believes that this is more than science-fiction and that they are already almost there. This holy grail of car safety is in the works right now though some believe the new 2010 Volvo S60 might already be an example of their ability to achieve the highest in vehicle safety ratings.

The S60 is truly a monument of safety success as it will come fully equipped with collision warning, full auto brakes and pedestrian detection. What this means is that the car uses radars and strategically mounted cameras to detect potential collisions. It works by sounding an alarm when a collision is detected. If the warning is ignored the car will automatically apply adequate braking to lessen or avoid impact. While this may not avoid all accidents is could help reduce damages and ultimately, casualties.

The automatic braking system could be a step in the right direction for Volvo. If this kind of technology is properly tuned it could possibly be the future of car safety. Instead of designing cars to crumple on impact why not help the driver avoid the impact altogether?


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