Flying cars, sounds great but did you ever think of the accidents that could happen? Imagine, You're driving along at 40 mph at 100 meters in the air. Suddenly, another cars coming from below you drives upwards and cuts right in front of you. And you're both suddenly falling 100 meters down. And guess what, there is another poor guy driving underneath you. Sounds crazy?

Well in 2009, Giles Cardoza's Parajet skycar should hit the market. In January 2009, the flying car will fly over the English Channel and continue flying and driving 3,700 miles to Timbuktu in Africa. That, my friends, will be the greatest promotional event of the year. The flying car should go to market shortly thereafter. The expected price for this amazing invention is to be about $55,000.

The flying car has a range of about 110 miles on bioethanol. It uses flexible wing technology, which enables lifting the Skycar's weight. Cardozo integrated a fan into the car itself for stable launch and landing capability. Cardozo said that the engineering trick was achieving a reliable transfer of power from the wheels, in driving mode, to the fan, for take-off. The skycar is powered by bioethanol, fueling a 140bhp Yamaha R1 superbike engine, with a lightweight automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission) gear-box. The Skycar is a legal vehicle. Now it has to prove it's flying ability!

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