Australia Develops Green Car Industry

The nation needed a green-car industry that would create high-paid, high-skilled green jobs for the future, he said launching the government's new car industry plan in Melbourne on Monday.

The plan sets aside $500 million for a green car innovation fund.

It also confirms a reduction in the automotive tariff to 5 per cent will go ahead as planned in 2010. "In the time of global financial crisis the government today has taken further decisive action to support Australian industry, to support Australian jobs, because we believe this industry has a future," Mr Rudd said.

"We take decisive action to build an international, competitive green economy for the future. "Australia needs a green car industry that manufacturers the fuel efficient, low-emissions vehicles of the future and creates the well paid, high skilled green jobs of the future."

The choice was not between having a growing economy in the short-term and a green economy in the medium to long-term.

"We can work effectively to develop both, and that's what a large part of today's package is all about. The automotive industry was part of Australia's future, Mr Rudd said.

Building a low-emissions economy was the next step in the government's response to the global financial crisis.

"By implementing a green investment strategy today we can transform our industry and create green jobs for tomorrow," he said.

"It's a future in which we should have absolute confidence - fuel-efficient technologies, low-emissions technologies, better designed and safer vehicles."

Australia could be world leader in green car technology, Mr Rudd said.

The automotive industry faced a whole new set of market, economic and environmental changes and challenges.

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