The Fisker Karma electric hybrid is moving forward.

The contract is signed for an electric future car. It appears that Fisker, a green American car company, may be becoming a leader in performance electric cars. Fisker has announced production plans of its electric Karma. The plug-in, hybrid, sports sedan will start production in the fourth quarter of 2009. Its annual production is set at 15,000 vehicles.

Fisker’s Karma is looking to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than six seconds and will hit a top speed of 125 mph. Estimated price is around $80,000.

Fisker Automotive, Inc., a green American future car company, has signed the final assembly contract with Valmet Automotive to manufacture the Fisker Karma in Finland. Valmet Automotive will be the engineering and manufacturing supplier for Fisker Automotive. The production schedule will be very demanding. A hybrid drive train, battery technology and a new body design with light weight materials will present a major challenge to the engineering and production teams.

Valmet will build a new body welding line to produce the Fisker Karma. The painting and assembly process will be adapted to the production of electric and hybrid cars. Valmet will be employing an extra 500 blue color workers just to produce this future car.

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