Scrappage Programs Clean Up the Streets

The awareness level people have in the role their autos play on the environment has grown to a common-knowledge level. Now it feels like many of us are just trying to get our arms around every possible way we can be responsible in our daily lives. Let’s face it though—in these economic times, a new car may not be in the budget, especially if you have one that currently runs perfectly fine. Still, some of us can’t help but feel a little frustrated driving our bottles and cans to the recycler in a car that runs on regular old petrol, especially if it tends to guzzle it. Wouldn’t it be great if your car’s manufacturer offered you to trade in your old model for a newer more earth-friendly one, and give you a discount to boot? Well, we have yet another reason to be jealous of the Europeans: Fiat is doing just that. But hopefully many more automakers worldwide will catch the wave.

Fiat recently announced their intentions for a “scrappage scheme program” called Fiat-eco plus+, that will allow drivers to trade in their old “banger” (which we guess is European for “beater”) for a cleaner more economical vehicle. Fiat is working with the Treasury for Motorists, who will put forth £1000 ($1492) per car, which will be matched or exceeded by Fiat. A car like the Panda Active ECO will cost £4995 ($7454) when normal list price is £7095 ($10,588). They are even offering four-year finance deals on the two base models. A great way to help people help the environment, and get those old “bangers” off the road.

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