Inside Big Three Engineering

Within the engineering departments of self-professed ‘struggling’ US auto-manufacturers, management-level and executives continue to endure the woes of executive life such as: Exhausting evenings and nights attending major sporting and entertainment events; Laboring across miles of the world’s finest golf-courses while paying for their associates to endure each step of this torturous existence; Endless nights of fine dining. I could go on but I feel that I would be doing a disservice to these brave and hard-working souls for they never complain or ask for more of anything, right? In fact, what I have learned is that instead of investing funds in engineering projects to improve automobile performance and efficiency, decision-makers within those same engineering departments tend to complain instead about not being able to reverse-engineer competitor’s models in order to produce comparative results of their own. Competitor analysis has taken priority over genuine innovativeness. Most engineering work is actually outsourced and despite being handed this bonus funding, engineering departments continually attempt to outwit vendors by heavy-handed methods including threats to withdraw orders if costs are not dropped. While profits continue to plummet, management-level and executives continue to boast about cutting costs, but there are no tangible results. So where is our money being spent? Here’s one possible way to find out: Take a leisurely drive to the next nearby Goodyear-blimp-assisted sporting event. Using a long-range harpoon gun, try to shoot down the blimp (without any casualties) and take a look inside the hospitality suite.

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