Honda's FuelMaker CNG Technology Gets Owned

With all this bankruptcy and transactions of ownership, it's hard to keep track of who to watch now for the next technologies in future fuels. But it's also a bit of a eco-friendly game of chess, anyway. The move yesterday concerned CNG vehicles, and the gamepiece is the Phill at-home natural gas refueling system. Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. stepped up to buy Fuel Maker, which went bankrupt a month ago. Honda owns FuelMaker, FuelMaker makes the Phill at-home natural gas refueling system, and now Fuel Systems Solutions owns FuelMaker (so the story goes).

Honda's Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV), the Civic GX is available mostly in places with strict emissions laws like California. Honda has claimed in the past that the using the Phill is 50 percent cheaper than gasoline per gallon. It mounts to the wall, connects to natural gas line installed in your garage, and uses less electricity than most household appliances. Fuel Systems Solutions has been a leader in Europe's CNG technology. Perhaps now this means that manufacturing will get bigger in the US than in Cali?

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