Mercedes-Benz Distronic System

Adding a radar to a car might seem like an overkill for many people, but not if it is used to enhance vehicle safety. Mercedes-Benz is pioneering a new feature that uses radar technology to detect oncoming traffic and automatically slow down accordingly. It is being used as an safety enhancement for the current cruise control systems.

Mercedes-Benz Distronic System

Envision this situation. You are stuck in traffic (an all too common scenario); you have to tap the gas then hit the brakes alternately every time traffic speeds up and slows down; you have to do this for hours at a time every day; fatigue kicks in but you have to keep yourself focused on the road. Traffic related accidents are becoming all too common these days. Add to it a little bit of frustration and it could amount to cause some serious harm.

Mercedes-Benz has created, tested and are now offering a new radar system on their new model cars called the Distronic System. What is does is detect the distance between you and the car in front of you and control servos that can either increase or reduce speeds automatically. Basically the car will drive for you in traffic. Tempting though it might seem, the Distronic System is not meant to replace the driver. So be sure to always keep your eyes safely on the road.

Watch the Mercedes-Benz Distronic System in action below.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Distronic System

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