Mercede-Benz Revs Up Its BlueZero Modular Drive

Mercedes-Benz is pushing an innovative approach to alternative energy future cars. The modular drive innovation allows the same vehicle construction to use different fuel sources to propel the vehicle. Meaning the design of the vehicle remains the same even if the buyer decides on a particular propulsion system.

The Mercedes-Benz Blue Zero E-Cell uses an electric drive battery with a range of up to 129 miles. The F-Cell which is BlueZero's hydrogen fuel cell will give the car a range to 249 miles. The last choice is the E-Cell plus which is an electric battery and an internal combustion engine giving the car an overall range of 373 miles.

This extraordinary modular car is being presented at the Detroit auto show. The amazing thing about the modular system is the it allows the manufacturer to interchange systems at ease.

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