Burger King's Green Idea Trumps Rival McDonalds

Compared to McDonalds, their breakfasts and their french fries are scandalously bad.

BK and queen

Yet whereas McDonalds is testing the installation of what I think will be wildly lonely plug-in power stations for their customers to recharge the EV's they do not own, Burger King's got a much better idea, one seemingly driven by the most powerful of human motivations:


At one BK outlet in New Jersey, they're installing technology developed by New Energy Technologies called MotionPower.

MotionPower "harvests a vehicle’s motion energy into a form that can be used external to the vehicle. For example, a device that can capture and convert the wasted energy from a moving vehicle [kinetic energy] into useful energy such as electricity."

As cars take the drive-thru, they'll drive over some metal flaps that act like external regenerative braking. That heat is captured, converted to electricity, and used to power the flame-broiler that tickles the famed Whopper to life.

BK must have asked themselves a bold question: "Instead of provide our customers with free energy, why not make our customers provide free energy to us?"


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