Alliance of Tech Companies Pushing for Gov't Funding for Lithium Ion Batteries

Fourteen tech firms have come together to form a new industry alliance and will seek US$1 billion to $2 billion in federal funding to create a center for the development and manufacture of domestic lithium ion batteries for transportation applications in the United States.

This organization, The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture is presently being advised by the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory. The laboratory is a national research lab and a leading developer of new battery technologies. The lab will will continue to have an advisory role even after the Alliance starts operations.

The Alliance believes that lithium ion batteries will replace gasoline as the principal source of energy in future cars and military vehicles. This belief drives their organization's goals in developing cutting edge technology in the USA. Although most batteries are developed over seas, if the Alliance is successful they will have scored a major paradigm shift in future car technology. I for one think this is a promising move and all the more so with the new administration willing to go where no presidency has before in terms of alternative fuel technology. The only question that remains is if there will be enough money by then to fund it.

Original News Source: TechNewsWorld

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