The Art of Zenn

Zenn Electric Cars Everyone knows that I am a supporter of the little guy and one of the little guys I am supporting to make a big impact is Zenn Autos. No, these guys aren't into Eastern Meditation (not that I know of) just efficient and affordable electric cars. Zenn stands for Zero Emissions, No Noise and that is exactly what they accomplished.

Started originally as Feel Good Cars in 2000, Zenn based out of Toronto uses a special battery (rechargeable in 3-6 min while the car charges fully in 4 hours) designed by EEStor, Inc. The Zenn Car has speeds of upwards 60km per hour making it a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, perfect for short trips. With its slick design and comfortable interior, Zenn has essentially revolutionized city driving.

OK, I know it sounds like I'm being paid off, but really these cars are great and are just the beginning of mass consumer electric vehicles.

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