What To Do When The Prius Battery Won't Do?

The Prius electric hybrid was introduced into the American market in late 2000. Although some drivers have gotten 300,000 miles on their batteries, at some point the batteries can wear out. What happens is that the batteries cannot provide enough charge to run the car. That's when you've got to replace the battery.

Toyota dropped the price of a new pack a few hundred dollars to $2,299 for first generation model (years 2001-2003) and to $2,588 for second generation models (years 2004-2008). In addition, labor costs and related parts may raise the replacement cost. It's true that it s a lot of money but hey, think of all the money that you saved on gas.

In addition, the batteries are warranted for 150,000 miles or 10 years in states which use California emissions standards and for 100,000 miles or eight years in the remaining American States, so you may save some money with the warrantees.

Some mechanics have been known to overcharge a lot. If this happens, try to work with the Toyota corporate customer service department. The carmaker is obsessive about keeping Prius customers happy, so they have been known to put the dealers in his place.

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