Subaru to Start Delivery of Plug-in STELLA

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), manufacturer of Subarus, will begin delivery of the plug-in STELLA this summer, said FHI President & CEO Ikuo Mori in his press conference speech.

Over 100 units will be delivered, mainly in Japanese cities. FHI has designated 2009 as the “First Year of Electric Vehicle”.

The Subaru Plug-in STELLA Concept combines the electric drive system of the R1e with the Subaru STELLA minicar platform. FHI plans to employ the STELLA Concept in the development and test-marketing of the coming generation of EVs in Japan.

The STELLA EV seats four, has a maximum speed of 62 mph and a range of 50 miles per charge. A 9.2 kWh, 346V Li-ion battery pack powers an electric motor with 40 kW output and that produces 150 Nm torque.

The pack uses fast-charge lithium-ion battery technology which allows partial charges and quick charges that don't reduce battery life. The battery uses lithium manganese oxide spinel (LiMn2O4) for the cathode active material. The crystalline spinel structure protects the battery against overcharging and ensures high thermal stability. The pack is able to recharge to 80% capacity within 15 minutes.

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