Senator Bayh Proposes Goverment Aid for EV Battery and Grid Technology

US Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) made a federal aid proposal that, as part of a stimulus package early in 2009, Congress should include $1.63 billion in grants. These grants will help fund the build-out of US manufacturing capacity for advanced batteries, development of the batteries and intelligent grid technology to help form an infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Some of the major beneficiaries of this grant money would be EnerDel, Indy Power Systems, Altairnano, Remy International, and Bright Automotive, all Indiana-based companies.

Bayh and a dozen other Senators sent the proposal to Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Investments in battery and grid technology and manufacturing are vital to ensure that plug-in vehicles are economically feasible. These investments will also ensure that America does not trade foreign oil dependency for foreign battery dependency. Today, most of batteries for electric and plug-in vehicles are manufactured from overseas, mainly in Japan.

Smart-grid technology with bi-directional communication and power flow is also an absolute necessity to enable public charging and vehicle to grid energy flow.

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