Revived Battery Revival

I hadn't heard of the guy before a week or so ago, but apparently he's been doing this for awhile. Local professor and electric car guru, Rob Matthies, has been promoting his "revived battery pickup" for a long time through crappy YouTube videos and articles in zero-circulation hippy rag, Shared Vision. Geez, isn't anyone listening?


Apparently not. But it really does seem like he's onto something big and might only need a publicist – or just decent video production – to break his ideas to a mass audience. Anyway, his claim is a big one: Rob built what he thinks is the world's cheapest vehicle to operate. He took a 1982 GMC Sierra pickup and converted it, at a cost of $7,000, into a battery-operated vehicle. Here's the kicker – Rob has used exclusively dead, discarded batteries that he acquired at no cost and revived. How he did this, I don't know. Is this magic? Do other people do this? 


Anyway, Rob doesn't seem to want to share his knowledge. Once the conversion is complete, he claims that the vehicle operates at a cost of 30 cents a day. What's more, the pickup can travel 50-80 kilometers (roughly 30-50 miles) on a single charge - there are actually numerous batteries under the hood - and can be fully recharged in just two hours. It all seems too good to be true, at least to my untrained eyes.


But Rob seems to be for real. Here is a listing of the pickup - it's for sale! - and all of its specs at evalbum<dot>com. He's got other vehicles listed as well. Rob, are you out there? Maybe I need to look this guy up.

Perhaps available for purchase.

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