Renewable Energy Center will have a "near zero" carbon footprint

Rentech, Inc. (Renewable Energy Technologies), a global producer of clean synthetic fuels, has announced their latest project—a Renewable Energy Center in Rialto, California. In anticipation for California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program, the plant is expected to produce electricity to 30,000 homes once completed.

The company’s Rentech Process produces ultra-low sulfur diesel as well as specialty waxes and chemicals from a wide variety of waste, biomass and fossil resources. The new plant will produce RenDiesel™, their renewable synthetic diesel, and has entered into agreement with Silva Gas Corporation for their biomass gasification technology. Through this partnership, Rentech will convert biomass such as yard clippings into synthetic gas (syngas) in a commercial reactor, by which the reformed syngas will be converted into sythetic diesel and naphtha. Renewable electric power will also be produced at the facility using gas turbine technology.

The plant itself will run off this process, and the result is 600 barrels per day of renewable synthetic fuels and approximately 35 MW of renewable electric power. This means the plant will produce less carbon dioxide emissions from the production of its own fuels. RenDiesel already meets all fuel standard regulations and is compatible with existing pipelines.

The Renewable Energy Center is currently in it’s engineering phase, but construction is also expected to create 250 jobs in the area.

Rentech Plant1

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