Next Generation Of The Subaru Plug-in Stella EV

Subaru keeps moving forward. They have come out with the next generation of the Subaru plug-in STELLA electronic vehicle (EV). The new model has increased power output to 47kW and has increased efficiency by lightening the body weight. They have also improved the battery pack and made it smaller.

One of the reasons that I love Japanese business is the thoroughness and the efficiency with which they operate. FHI, the company that owns Subaru, has been investing heavy research into lithium ion battery technology.

In 2008, FHI came out with the Subaru plug-in Stella concept car. 5 of these EV cars were lent to various organizations to test the car under real life conditions. Using that feedback and other technological advancements, the next generation Subaru plug-in Stella concept car will be introduced in Japan this summer. 15 units will be given to the Japanese government for trial use and another 170 will be sold this year.

Subaru is now studying pricing, selling systems and after-sale servicing. They are starting very small, doing real-life testing and tweaking the cars and administrative systems before they go big. That's what I call class and that’s what makes reliable cars. I should know because I own a Subaru.

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