My Top Five Electric Car Picks

We've all seen the reviews and I have received many emails asking what my favorites are. So I decided to write them in a list. Here they are from least to most favorite:

#5 Tesla: This all electric car was hyped up from the beginning. Although it made my list, I still feel it is too expensive for the common man or woman to enjoy.

#4 The Tango: I like the concept and the specs look great. I can see this used only for commuting. Hey that's pretty important.

#3 Venturi Eclectic EV: This might be a concept car, but it is a concept that suits my vision of any future utopia. After all who wouldn't want to coast around in a carriage without a horse?

#2 TH!NK: Those of you who know me, know that I like TH!NK. I like their design and I like their price. They are a great company.

And the winner is:

#1 The Chevy Volt: It is simply the best EV for the price and when it hits dealerships in the coming months it is going to be taken up. Its recharging specs are great. Its range and options are what people looking for.

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