Hippy Motors Makes an Olds New

Electric vehicles have come a long way in style, but Evan Singer and his crew at Hippy Motors in Los Angeles, CA, is making green machines out of old-school classics. This 1946 Oldsmobile Ace is labelled the “First Fully Electric Powered Lowrider,” and is co-owned by none other than actor/comedian Tommy Chong. In fact, Chong only gets around in electric/hybrid-fueled customs—his other car is a Toyota Prius Lowrider also built by Hippy Motors. “Evan shares my concern for the environment,” Chong says, “and we envision a converter kit that will change existing autos into pure electric power within a few years if not sooner.”

 The crew over there is turning muscle cars and land boats into eco-friendly rides, and proving that you don’t necessarily have to buy new to think to the future. They’ve also collaborated with TLC’s “Gadget’s Electric Garage” on an electric conversion for a 1967 Chevy Camaro, driven now by Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. So nothing’s forsaken; no cool is lost. Those club guys who look uncomfortable driving anything foreign can still hang on to their baby they’ve been restoring for years.

 Photo by Ryan Hagel. See more at motormusicmag.com

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