EV Companies Slugging It Out.

I am happy that we're finally seeing some real competition in the EV market. Mitsubishi and Nissan-Renault Alliance are racing in a pitched competition to see how many governments they can sign up to use their electronic vehicles (ev's). Mitsubishi has just scored another hit by signing up the Principality of Monaco. Monaco will be using fleets of the iMiEV to service local organizations such as the post office phone company hotels and even casinos. The cars will transport people around the principle of Monaco. By the way, Monaco is located on the French coast on the Mediterranean Sea and is almost 3 miles long by one mile wide. (Until today, I didn't realize that there were any countries smaller than Israel, but Monaco certainly is). 


The automakers use these fleets to evaluate the performance of the vehicles. They also evaluate the market potential for the cars. This has already been done in New York, Los Angeles, London and several other cities. It's becoming a world wide phenomenon. The EV is quietly conquering the world. 

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