Elektromotive Competing With Better Place to build EV Recharging Stations!

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and UK company Elektromotive, a provider of electric vehicle recharging stations are Joining forces. They have formed the "Partnership for Zero-Emission-Mobility" (ZEV), to accelerate installation of charging networks for plug-in vehicles in cities around the world. Notice we have gone up a stage from making the electric car to making the infrastructure necessary to implement Ev technology world-wide for normal people. Its a giant step for mankind.

Renault-Nissan and Elekrotromotive will study ways to promote Evs on a global basis. They will develop incentive programs to sell Evs, build more charging stations, and purchase or lease EVs built by Renault-Nissan.

Elekrotromotive started developing charging station technology in 2003 and built its first charging station, also called elekrobay, in London, England in 2006. Since then, the company has already installed 40 stations in London, and another forty stations throughout the United Kingdom. They have also exported elokrobays to Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Holland. They are essentially doing the same thing as Better Place, another charging station builder. It always amazes me to see how fast these industries take-off once they get going

Elekrotromotive has a new technology that allows the station to communicate with the vehicle being recharged. It sends and receives digital signals through the recharging cable. This 'conversation' exchanges details about power requirement identification, transaction security, billing and safety. It's pretty cool and very space age.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has already started zero-emission initiatives in Tennessee, Oregon and Sonoma County in northern California. Additional initiatives are underway in Denmark, Portugal, Israel, the Principality of Monaco, and in Japan. Go for it!

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