Electric Car Infrastructure In Process in 4 Countries

Where are the centers where Electric car infrastructure to be implemented? The plan recently announced to build an infrastructure for electric cars in the San Francisco Bay area represents Better Place's entry into the U.S. market. Shai Agassi has already struck deals with Israel, Denmark and Australia for the installation of a similar infrastructure for electric vehicle support. Better Place compares its electric car business model to the one used in the mobile phone industry. Drivers pay for an electric mileage plan, just like cell phone customers pay for the minutes used on their cellular phones. Drivers are charged a fee for accessing plug-in stations and battery-replacement centers. Better Place earns money by managing those centers. What about the electric cars, which are currently considered to be too expensive for mainstream use? Better Place promises to make them much more affordable, because of discounts conditional on economic and environmental incentives. "This is transportation as a sustainable service, with drivers as subscribers, and Better Place as a true 'mobility operator,'" says Better Place's electric car Web site.

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