BMW Loans 10 Electric Vehicles to New York City

New York City Gets MINI E's - Who's next?

I'd really like to test-drive the Mini E. Too bad the entry requirements are so brutal. By the time I visited the application site the waiting list was full. Even if it hadn't been, the $850 lease would have been tough to swallow

Who doesn't want one of these? It must be pretty hot to get $850/month from test drivers!

Maybe I should just go to work for NY City, where Mayor Bloomberg scored 10 of them for city inspectors.

The dangerously-hip MINI E is the first product of BMW’s Project i, "... designed to develop transportation strategies and new vehicles to help mega-cities such as New York." In more other words, it's a 21st century vehicle launch. This is a fun car and BMW hopes for brisk sales.

The MINI E can travel more than 150 miles on a single charge; it handles like a MINI Cooper; its lithium-ion battery recharges in 2.5 hours; it's fun to drive; it's cute as hell. Who doesn't want one of these? It must be pretty hot to get $850/month from test drivers!

In addition to the NY city workers, 40 others will be allocated to extensive daily use in select fleets in California, New York, New Jersey, Germany and the UK.

The rest of the elite test squad comprises 450 lessors who applied online. Look for them next time you're on the street!

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