Better Place To Build Battery Exchange Stations In Japan

Better Place, a Palo Alto, California based company that promotes electric vehicles, announced that it will build battery exchange stations in Japan as part of a government pilot project to encourage the use of green cars.

"Better Place is honored to participate in this groundbreaking program in a country with so much auto-manufacturing expertise and history," said Agassi, founder and chief executive of Better Place.

Electric vehicles need to be recharged when their batteries run low. Better Place builds battery exchange stations, where drivers with who don't have time to charge can trade drained batteries for charged ones. Better Place provides infrastructure that enable electric vehicles to become a practical reality.

The Japanese Environment Ministry invited Better Place to take part in the feasibility project for three to six months starting in January in several cities.

This month Agassi unveiled the prototype for its electric car recharging station in Israel. The company is still in a beginning stage, testing charge spots in Israel with plans to follow in Denmark It is working with Renault and Nissan to develop electric car infrastructure (stations rather than cars).

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