Aptera Running Late

All new things must be late. OK, so it might not be a real catch phase, but it should be. Aptera has been peaking the interest of future car enthusiasts for some time and although it seems revolutionary in style and presentation, it is essentially an EV with an aerodynamic body. Despite this I am still a little a saddened by the fact that the Aptera will will not make its 2009 release date.

Aptera reports that the delay is from the switch to front wheel drive. Here are their reasons for switching:

  • *Better weight distribution, which, in turn, maximizes stability
  • *Improved traction during acceleration and in inclement weather wet conditions
  • *More efficiency at higher speeds
  • *Increased durability during the life of the vehicle
  • *Improved noise insulation
  • *Increased rear cargo space (without sacrificing front legroom)

I am looking forward to the Aptera release even if it is going to take a little longer.

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