Another EV Factory Opening Up, Yeah!!!

Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation (SEV U.S. Corp) has decided to build a new factory in Kansa city, MO. The plant will be located at the Kansas City International Airport overhaul base and should provide 120 jobs by 2010.  Smith will be producing various types of battery powered, commercial vehicles. Production should start around August, 2009 with the Newton delivery van, which has been selling in England for a while. In 2010, Smith will also begin producing the Ford Transit Connect BEV. Ford intends to launch several plug-in vehicles after it tests the Transit Connect.


SEV U.S. Corp has already received a strong expression of interest from fleet operators. Therefore, the company is constructing a highly scalable assembly operation and supply chain to supply this emerging market. Production will start using chassis from multiple vehicle manufacturers.


The SEV U.S. Corp's  locating the plant in Kansas City represents an initial investment of $10 million. The company will get approximately $3 million in job training costs and other incentives from the state of Missouri and Kansas City.


This is great news for a few reasons. First, any company that is opening new factories in this economic climate has got guts, and confidence in its products and the economy. Second, it's another EV company which means that we'll be seeing more and more EV's. Third, of course, it's good for the air we breathe and our health. So, Kansas City, here I come!

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