Air Cars: Are They For Real?

Hype has been increasing recently about the newly released air car. I have been asked by many people how serious the air car really is. In case you don't know, an air car uses compressed air released slowly from tanks under the car's carriage to turn the car's pistons. The air car's tanks are compressed again using an electric pump.

The Air Car: The Most Promising Future Car Around

The above is not just a slogan, but I really believe if you compare the efficiency of the air car with other future cars there just simply is no comparison. I don't want to take up your computer screen going tit for tat with other future cars. Instead I'll sum up how momentous the development of the air car is with this quote taken from Popular Mechanics by Zero Pollution Motors spokesman Kevin Haydon: "I want to stress that these are estimates, and that we’ll know soon more precisely from our engineers, but a vehicle with one tank of air and, say, 8 gal. of either conventional petrol, ethanol or biofuel could hit between 800 and 1000 miles."

I don't think I have to press my case any further.

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