ZAP Electric Car

ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) is one of the more recognizable names in electric vehicles amongst EV enthusiasts. The Santa Clara, California company has been making electrics for years and their Xebra line of electric 3-wheeled trucks were, for a long time, the very illustration of electric vehicles on the road.

Today, the company is struggling to stay alive as market forces and a lack of income take their toll.

The company has had several forays into the electric car design arena, with the most well-known of the latest ZAP electric car production designs being the ZAP Alias. Others include a crossover called the ZAP-X as well as some all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and a van.

The ZAP Alias

ZAP Alias

Easily the most recognizable of today's ZAP, the Alias is a freeway-capable, 2-passenger, 3-wheeled car that has the look and performance of a sports car and was to be the company's first non-low-speed vehicle.

Because of the company's financial woes, however, development has been reduced to the point where the Alias may never see production at all.


ZAP-X Concept
Introduced as an innovative crossover designed in cooperation with Lotus Engineering, the ZAP-X Crossover was supposed to be a marvel of electric propulsion. It over-promised and never delivered, however, becoming, as Russ Bonander here at put it, "vaporware."

The car never materialized.


The ZAP truck, which has body option to allow it to be a van, and various types of convertible bed utility vehicle, has been the company's mainstay until recently. Production has ended, but the vehicle has sold tens of thousands of units around the world in its near-decade-long history.

It's latest appearance was last year at the U.S. Army's Fort Bliss Renewable Energy Rodeo.


The Dude is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV, or 4-wheeler) that is all-electric. The company has been producing the ATVs for years and steadily selling them to a growing market of niche users.

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