Peak Oil, Global Clashes and Uncertainty

by Michael Weinberg, Contributing Writer

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Peak Oil, Global Clashes and Uncertainty

As oil prices soar to once unimaginable, unfathomable prices the looming economic crisis will eventually implode upon a modern society with great expectations of comfort and abundance. Such contentment and access to the choicest of goods and services would cease. This scenario could play-out practically overnight.

The reality of paper and digital wealth with foundations built upon oil dependency will give way to potential local, regional and global energy conflicts. A once friendly neighbor may determine the copper wiring, glass, aluminum, wood, light bulbs, and even insulation as commodities worth a fight...if such commodities mean survival such a theft, robbery, or ensuing scuffle could lead to thousands upon thousands of such scenarios and many wounded or killed as result.

Global Clashes and UncertaintyThe scenarios are not as wild as it may seem. Global conflicts in Iraq and Africa, threats in the Far-East, a stand-off with a defiant Iran claiming nuclear energy development as essential for the well-being of their twenty million in population, a Cold-War brewing with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and increasing tensions in hotspots around the globe threaten the production and distribution of crude oil reserves to needy populations. If global conflicts can erupt over an energy source more serious than a heroin addiction, surely neighbors living side-by-side for decades could come to threaten and take action for essential life support energy needs! The real danger of such catastrophic possibilities locally and worldwide should have been addressed decades ago; and still today too little is being done. The potential rising numbers of human death tolls from war, food shortages, water shortages, ever greater distribution complications, local conflagrations, economic induced hysteria, and draconian government “safeguards” could dwarf numbers of previous global wars and travesty.

Drafted for Oil?

Does the impending oil crisis increase the possibility of the first United States obligatory draft in almost fifty years? The head of the Selective Service who helps influence policy related to manpower policies for the armed forces recently indicated a draft for both sexes from the ages of 18-35 may be not only suggested but in the very near future necessary. Such a draft would insure the staffing of an American war machine focused on lengthening its reach to secure oil and other “liquid” energy from the far reached of the planet. Conflict with other armies is inevitable. Conflict with another superpower or highly-armed or nuclear nation such as China, North Korea, is not a matter of if, but how soon....

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