Peak Oil Overview

The worldwide production of oil from the turn of the century to several decades in our future will follow a typical bell curve production model. As has been predicted by worldwide leading economists, geologists, physicists, and energy experts this poses serious problems and grave dangers to world economic stability and could very well plunge the entire world economy into a tailspin. Such an economic collapse could render a majority of everyday goods and services unavailable to much of the developed world. by Michael Weinberg, Contributing Writer

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Peak Oil Overview
Lower Oil Production Equals Trouble
Peak Oil and Financial Markets
Peak Oil, Global Clashes and Uncertainty

Peak Oil Overview

The term peak oil refers to the point on the bell curve when oil has reached peak production according to known worldwide sources and reserves. The ability to procure oil and produce oil will not cease. However, the problem that experts predict will lead to crisis, should alternative future fuels and future cars not be developed in sufficient haste, is the rapidly rising demand for oil worldwide while production continuously declines.

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