Hydrogen Cars 2010

Mass production of hydrogen fuel cell cars are still far into the future, but the research into this promising form of transportation is going on right now. Several hydrogen concept cars were introduced in 2010. Here are some of them:

-- The BMW Series 1 Hydrogen Hybrid electric car was unveiled in Munich, Germany in 2010, according to HydrogenCarsNow.com. "Hybrid" is in its name for a reason -- in addition to the fuel cell, it contains a small four-cylinder gasoline engine.

-- Mercedes Benz got into the hydrogen business at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show with the F800 Concept. This car has an electric motor in addition to the hydrogen fuel cell.

-- Hyundai also used the Geneva Auto Show to introduce the Tucson ix35 FCEV. This is more than just a concept -- Hyundai is working towards producing this car for market in 2012.

-- Looking more like a golf cart than a usual vehicle, the SFC fuel cell electric car was presented at the 2010 Hannover Messe. It uses the fuel cell plus a "Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system."

-- And finally, an interesting experiment in collaboration -- the Riversimple Hyrban, a small two-seater. The design plans are on the Internet, and engineers are invited to share their ideas to build the car.

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