Hybrid Car Sales Statistics

Toyota recently announced that it had sold its one millionth Prius hybrid in the United States. While the Prius is clearly the best-selling hybrid not only in the U.S. but around the world, other hybrids are selling as well. And now sales are starting to reach historic levels.

According to a report from HybridCars.com, more than 30,000 hybrid cars were sold in the U.S. in March 2011.

The site writes:

While the 34,082 hybrid car sales were not as high as the record 40,198 sales—in April 2008 during an historic run on gas prices—or as high as July and August 2009—during the Cash-for-Clunkers program, it is nonetheless a watershed month. That’s because the previous high sales months came during times of temporary government incentives, either in the form of tax credits or Cash-for-Clunkers rebates. This time around, it’s unassisted consumer demand for fuel efficiency during a time of high gas prices that’s driving sales.

More than half of those sales -- 18,500 were Prii. The Lexus CT 200h sold nearly 2,200 units in its first month of availability. It quickly became the third most popular hybrid, behind the Prius and the Honda Insight. The disappointing Insight had its best month in the past year and a half, however.

The dramatic percentage gain in hybrid sales is, of course, due to higher fuel prices, but it is also due to the general economic recovery, which makes people more comfortable buying non-traditional vehicles.

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