Hybrid Car Prices

With gas prices on the rise, you may be thinking about trading in for a hybrid. Hybrid vehicles generally cost more than a similar car with a gas engine. Here are the MSRPs for several 2011 models, courtesy of Automotive.com.

Toyota Prius: $23,050
Toyota Camry: $26,675
Nissan Altima: $26,800
Honda Insight: $18,200
Honda Civic: $23,950
Infiniti M35h: $53,700
Lexus RX450h: $45,525
Hyundai Sonata: $25,795
Cadillac Escalade: $82,290
Chevrolet Silverado: $30,235
Ford Fusion: $28,340
Ford Escape: $31,795
Lincoln MKZ: $34,605
Mercedes-Benz M-Class: $92,590
Porsche Cayenne: $67,700
BMW ActiveHybrid X6: $88,900
Volkswagen Touareg 2: $60,565

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