Cheapest Hybrid Car

Are you in the market for a hybrid vehicle but your budget is limited? Then the 2011 Honda Insight is for you. Starting at $18,200, the Insight is the cheapest hybrid for sale in the United States.

"The Insight was intended to be the most affordable hybrid in our line up," Honda spokesman Chris Martin says. "When the CR-Z was introduced, we were about to bring it to market at $19,200, which undercut the Insight. We wanted to make (Insight) more affordable for those younger customers who couldn't previously get into a hybrid."

The Insight was supposed to go head-to-head with the Prius. But sales for the Insight (which looks suspiciously like the Prius) never took off. That showdown could take place now that the Insight is priced $5,000 cheaper than the Prius.

It could even lead to lower prices for the Prius. When the Insight was announced, USA Today reports that Toyota promised a lower-priced version of the Prius. Those plans were quietly dropped as the Insight flopped. But perhaps those plans will come back if the Insight sells well.

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