White Zombie Electric Car

When people hear the name "White Zombie", they probably think of a rock and roll band popular in the 1990s. When they hear "electric drag racing," they likely think of the KillaCycle. Few would think of a 1972 Datsun 1200 coupe.

But one of the hottest names for the past few years in electric drag racing has been the White Zombie, a 1972 Datsun 1200 converted by owner John "Plasma Boy" Wayland of Portland, Oregon.

The White Zombie sports a total of 300hp and does the 1/4 mile at 126.01 miles per hour (official time, NEDRA).

The electric racer is also fully street legal with only the tires being swapped out when racing. The car is capable of up to 120 miles of highway driving per charge, making it the fastest street legal drag racer on the electric racing circuit.

It's top speed is a whopping 129 miles per hour (limited to save RPMs and extend motor life) and it seats only 2, with the rear seats being removed to accommodate batteries and components.

The motor used to be two electric motors which were combined into a "Siamese 9" to make one big motor. It directly couples to the (custom aluminum) drive line with no transmission, clutch, or flywheel and only the differential for gearing (3:50 ratio).

The car weighs 2,348 pounds at the curb and is using a 355V lithium-ion battery series at up to 2,400 amps, storing 22.7kWh of electricity. A separate 12V battery powers other vehicle electrics such as lights and radio.

The White Zombie has no heater, but Plasma Boy says that "the tires get pretty hot and smoke a lot" and that while the car only seats two, "rubber underpants are required."

Given the speeds, that should be obvious.

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