Reva Electric Car Company

The Reva Electric Car Company is an unusual company in that it's based in India but the majority of its vehicle sales are in the United Kingdom. Reva is the maker of the G-Wiz, which has become synonymous with "electric car" in the UK - especially in London.

The company has produced several models of city, commuter, and highway-ready electrics over the years. From the G-Wiz to the NXR Concept to the exploratory partnership with General Motors on the Spark (aka Daewoo Matiz).

The company was purchased by India's largest automotive concern, Mahindra & Mahindra and renamed to Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicle last year. Mahindra boasts a strong lineup of green vehicles in their own right and the addition of Reva to the mix means more electrification for them.

When Reva first began making electric cars in 2001, with the G-Wiz, and quickly became the world's leading maker and seller of electric cars. Their product, first named just "REVA", evolved from a tiny lead-acid battery electric commuter with limited range and speed to the REVAi and the Reva L-ion (pictured) using lithium-ion batteries and having a longer range and higher speed capabilities.

Unless you have a good eye, you're not likely going to be able to tell the different (in looks) between an original REVA and a L-ion. The cars themselves didn't change much, but the technology under the hood (so to speak) has. That is where the company has made a name for themselves.

Enough of a name in the industry, in fact, that their largest offshoot is their branded and self-designed electric vehicle component line which they sell to other OEMs and to conversion shops.

Although virtually unheard of in North America, Reva is the most recognizable name in electric vehicles in Europe and Asia.

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