Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Motorcycle

Although we usually talk about cars here at FutureCars, occasionally we look at the other alternative vehicles that are out there. The Razor Pocket Rocket is a sort of entry-level electric vehicle (EV) that can get many people involved and interested in electric propulsion - especially if they're convinced that they can't be "powerful" enough.

The Pocket Rocket is not just a kid's toy. Most are probably owned by adults, in fact. The diminutive European-style motorcycles have a very high-performance motor that moves the bike up to 15 miles per hour and can carry a rider of up to 170 pounds in weight.

Similar to other mini-bikes, the Pocket Rocket has air-filled tires, low handlebars to facilitate a low center of gravity for the rider - essential on such small vehicles - and it runs for up to 30 minutes continuously.

These bikes only weigh 42 pounds and stand only 20 inches high and about 36 inches long. They are charged through a regular wall outlet with the converter included.

These cool little machines are available in most major retail outlets that sell general merchandise and electronics.

These motorcycles are the subject of many YouTube videos, conversation both online and off, and have been extremely popular gifts since they were first introduced. One ride on a Pocket Rocket is usually enough to convince people that they want an EV for themselves.

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