Electric Car for Kids

Dreaming of an Audi e-tron electric car, but doubt you'll make the high profile list of millionaires who will get one? Maybe you kid would want one!

Electric cars for kids are everywhere. From favorite cartoon characters like Barbi, Disney's Cars, and others, electric vehicles for kids to drive are prolific. Even high-end wants like the above e-tron, a Ferrari, a monster truck.. just about anything you can imagine can be found as a small electric car for kids.

As a parent, of course, you'll want to know how they operate, how safe they are, and whether they are more than toys.

How Do They Work?

Electric cars for kids are simple affairs with not a lot of technology required. This makes them cheap and easy to build, easy to use, and simple to repair. They usually consist of three parts:

  1. A battery
  2. A throttle controller
  3. An electric motor

Otherwise, the little car is the same as the old pedal cars we used to play with as kids. The battery (typically 6V) supplies power to the electric motor through a controller located as part of the throttle pedal. When the child pushes the pedal, it adjusts the amount of power sent to the motor, controlling the speed of the vehicle.

Motors are typically around 5W - about the power found in a cordless hand drill - making the vehicle capable of around 2-3mph on flat pavement. Braking is usually either manual (friction) or the motor adds resistance when the pedal is not being pressed. Assuming there are any brakes, that is.

How Safe Are They?

Safety depends on the operation and supervision, of course. Most accidents are not because of the vehicle's components themselves, but instead on where the vehicle is used - in the street, downhill, etc. Most accidents are because the child's electric car is struck by a real car, wrecks at high speeds after going downhill, etc.

The vehicles themselves are inherently safe because of their low speeds, low current (little chance of electrical shock), etc. They do require parental supervision, however.

Are They More Than Toys?

Not really, though some creative people have created other uses for the vehicles. For the most part, the limited power the vehicles have precludes much usefulness as a transportation device outside of child's play.

They're a lot of fun, though, and kids everywhere love them!

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