Electric Car Companies

The automotive field of electric cars is one of the fastest-growing and innovative in the industry. A lot of startup electric car companies come and go, but a few stay in there and are now beginning to show that they can beat the odds.

Automotive manufacturing requires a lot of resources and longevity to pull off. Most newcomers to the field are unable to do this, so it is mainly the purview of large, established auto giants like Ford and General Motors.

A few beat those odds, however, and become mainstays. Here are some of those electric car companies that are making production, highway-ready vehicles and have stayed the course.

Coda Automotive

Began in 2009 when the founder of Miles Electric Vehicles, Miles Rubin, announced he had designed an all electric sedan that was highway-ready. Located in Santa Monica, California, the company had a few hurdles to cross, but will be bringing the Coda Sedan to market this year.

Commuter Cars

Based in Spokane, Washington, this company has been producing the Tango electric commuter car for years. Their unique car has been featured in many magazine and television appearances and was a participant in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize.

Harvey Coachworks

This Knoxville, Maryland company builds the BugE series of enclosed motorcycles with the XRT model being capable of 65mph.

REVA Electric Car Co

Now owned by Mahindra & Mahindra, this company is based in India and builds well-known electric cars like the G-Wiz of Europe as well as their own branded models. They recently received EPA certification to sell electric pickup trucks in the U.S.

Tesla Motors

This company is based in Silicon Valley, California and headed by the controversial Elon Musk. The company makes the Tesla Roadster, which has become the American synonym for electric car. Their next model, the Model S sedan, is slated to enter production next year.

These are some of the more well-known electric car companies in business (and production) today. Many smaller companies that have build-to-order or conversion vehicles are also on the market. Others are working with prototypes and may get near to production soon while still more are facing financial shakiness and working to get themselves solvent enough to go to production.

In all, the electric car manufacturing business is still in its infancy, but growing fast.

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