Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Much of the talk in the automotive world is about electric cars. They are no longer the future -- they are now. But should you run out and buy one? You might want to think twice after hearing about some of the disadvantages.

-- Limited Range
This is obviously the biggest disadvantage -- most electric cars will run about 150 miles before needing to be recharged. If you are only doing short local runs, you'll be fine. Anything longer is impossible or anxiety-producing.

-- High Vehicle Price
You pay a premium to buy an electric car. Depending on the model, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars more than a comparable gasoline car.

-- Limited Charging Infrastructure
Charging your car at home is no problem -- a home charging unit will run you about $1,000. But there are very few public fast-charging stations around to give you that extra juice when you are out on the road.

-- Service Problems
Will you be able to find someone to service your electric vehicle if/when it breaks down?

-- Not Really Zero-Emissions
You may not be spewing emissions when operating your car, but charging is another story. Depending on how your local electric company generates power, you could be causing as much pollution with your electric car as you did with your gas vehicle.

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