DeLaSalle Electric Car

The DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Missouri is a vocational high school in which students learn trade skills while earning high school credits. They set the electric car world on fire when they built the DeLaSalle Electric Indy Racer.

The DeLaSalle Electric Car

The Indy racer began as a 2000 Lola Indy Car. DeLaSalle instructor Steve Rees saw the potential to do something great with the car and his students enthusiastically agreed.

With sponsorship from Bridgestone and their Technical Center in Akron, Ohio, the Kansas City students began work on the conversion.

Stripping the car down to its frame, the kids then began adding electric drive train and control components. The engineers at Bridgestone checked their progress and mentored the students as the car progressed. The tire company also donated Ecopia EP100 tires for the project.

Somewhere in this time frame, someone got the idea of a clear, ultra-lightweight body design for both aerodynamics and eye-catching style. Once this was added, the DeLaSalle Indy Racer became the icon it's become.

The Proving Grounds

After the car had been built, tested, and refined, the students took a trip to Bridgestone's Texas Proving Grounds to test it.

They achieved the equivalent of 300mpg in the electric racer, beating all expectations and setting a Guiness record in the process.

This means that not only did these high school kids build an awesome and fast electric car, but they also set world records in doing so. How cool is that?!

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