Citroen Electric Car

European car maker Citroen has been in the news several times with various electric vehicle concepts and trials. The most popular Citroen EV, however, is actually a conversion made by another company. Citroen itself is struggling with EV branding, having introduced but never production lined any of its electrification attempts.

The Citroen Ev'ie

The somewhat popular Citroen Ev'ie is a conversion of a Citroen C1 to electric drive by The Electric Car Corporation.

The car is converted in Denmark after being snubbed by the British government. The batteries are supplied by fellow European company Axeon.

Citroen C-ZERO

The C-ZERO EV is a rebranded Mitsubishi MiEV for the European market. The idea has been on again off again with models proportedly to hit showrooms in Europe later this year.

The largely overpriced MiEV platform is not conducive to today's market, being a throwback to the original Mitsubishi plans of over five years ago. Today's market, with lower-cost (and better performing) EVs like the Nissan Leaf and the looming entrance of other vehicles like the electric Ford Transit Connect as a minivan have priced the tiny MiEV out of the running.

Race-Spec Survolt

The Citroen Survolt concept race car made a splash last year in the auto circuit and then virtually disappeared. Hitting the Geneva Motor Show in style, the Survolt then appeared on race tracks as a pace car and exhibition shower for a few weeks and then vanished.

Citroen C-Cactus Diesel Electric

A few days ago, covering diesel electric vehicles, FutureCars noted the Citroen C-Cactus, a revolutionary, but concept-only diesel hybrid car that appeared in 2007.

The C-Cactus was a concept-only that made headlines and showed promise as a new powertrain idea, but then was never followed up by the company.


Citroen is a European brand that is struggling with identity. It's well-known and even synonymous with "European car", having been featured in everything from comedy films to James Bond features. The company has yet to produce a production line electric of any type, however.

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