Aptera Electric Car

The Aptera entered the scene as a design concept a few years ago and saw its first prototype, the Typ-1, the company planned to go to limited production in 2008. This was delayed the first time when it took longer than expected to get highway safety rating approval. Then the company brought in former Detroit-based auto executives and a new design was announced, to comply with some industry standards.

The new version, dubbed the 2e, was to be released in 2010. It entered the Progressive Automotive X-Prize where it had a miserable showing. This came at the same time that executives and founders were arguing in the board room and the company, facing bankruptcy, initiated layoffs.

It appears that Ross Bonander, here at FutureCars, was right when he predicted that the Aptera would never really see production and would go the way of Tucker and Empire into automotive history.

That's too bad because the Aptera is one of the most innovative, original, and thought-provoking cars to enter the electric vehicle arena. Often called the "3-wheeled airplane," the car has a unique design and a 300mpg capability that rivals nearly anyone's entrant into the EV arena.

When it featured on Jay Leno's Garage, it was an immediate hit with the big-chinned Hollywood car aficionado.

The company has yet to resolve their problems and the Aptera, with all of its innovation, does not appear likely to ever enter production.

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