Ada Electric Cars

Ada is an electric car company located in Oklahoma. It makes vehicles that look like golf carts, but don't you dare call them golf carts.

Its cars are classified as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) which Ada points out on its website are much different than golf carts:

LSVs come with many body styles, including some that resemble golf carts, but that doesn’t make them a golf cart. Golf carts do not have the above safety features, speed capabilities, or licensing requirements.

For one thing, LSVs are street-legal.

An LSV is its own class of street-legal alternative fuel (electric) vehicle with safety equipment and speed capabilities specified by the Federal Highway Administration. In Oklahoma, LSVs are regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles, unlike golf carts, and have a speed range from 20 to 25 mph. LSVs are street-legal (after insuring and tagging) on streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less.

Ada's most interesting vehicle is the Bad Boy Buggy (above). It looks like a stripped-down golf cart, made tougher with off-road tires and Jeep-like paraphernalia. It costs $13,000. The Patriot LSV is similar.

The company also sells more sedate vehicles that start at around $8,500. They look much like golf carts, but as we have learned, don't call them that.

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